How to Export Voice Memo from iPhone to Computer

Apple provides a great feature to quickly record voice memos on your iPhone. However, it is a bit complicated process to import these files from your iPhone to your personal computer.

The voice memo feature is indeed an interesting one. It provides a simple way of texting to your loved ones or making quick voice records for lectures or interviews. Once you have recorded a voice memo, there are two simple ways of exporting the voice memo from iPhone to computer.


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    Exporting voice memo from iPhone to computer via iTunes

    To transfer voice memos to computer, you have to enable the setting in iTunes.

    - Connect your iPhone via USB.
    - Right under Devices on the left side of your screen, click the name of your iPhone.
    - Click the Music tab on the top of the screen.
    - Mark the checkbox of Include voice memos.
    - Sync your iPhone.
    - Your wp-content/uploads will become visible on a newly created Voice Memos playlist.
    - Right click on a memo to execute advanced tasks or get a direct access to the  real audio file.

    In case you find it difficult to do, you can also follow the given below steps;

    - If your iPhone is not successfully synced then unplug it from the computer.
    - In iTunes, go to File -> Library -> Organize Library -> Consolidate wp-content/uploads.
    - Connect the iPhone and sync again.

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    Direct Share from iPhone

    Email is another viable option. If you have a small amount of wp-content/uploads, simply email or MMS the voice memo from your device.

    - Tap the silver button at the bottom right corner of the voice memo screen. You will be directed to a list of your voice memos.
    - Choose the voice memo you want to share from the given list. Click the large blue share button on the lower right corner of the screen.
    - Select Email or MMS.

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