How to Fix 9814 iPhone Error

What makes an iphone special is the option for its users to buy all kinds of interesting and fun applications including games and utilities that are enjoyable. An iphone without these apps will be any other mobile. Are you frustrated because you are unable to buy apps from the Apple itunes online store? Even when you succeed in buying, the apps do not run properly?  If the error that is given to you when you try to connect to the itunes store is 9814, this can be the perfect place to find a solution. Follow our step by step guide to get it fixed and let yourself enjoy the countless apps, games and tunes.


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    The first step is to close the itune icon. A 9814 error is caused when the time of your device does not synchronize with the actual time. Check if the time and date of your iphone is correct. If it is not, follow the simple steps to fix it.

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    On the top left corner of your iphone screen, select the apple menu.

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    On that menu, click on 'system preferences'. It administers all the maintenance tasks of your phone.

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    You will get another menu when you click on the 'System Preferences'. From this menu, select the 'date and time' icon. This allows you to view and change your phone timings and date.

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    You will get the option of 'set time and date automatically' in the new dialogue box. Check the box right next to it to select it. It automatically updates your date and time by using the internet.

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    Exit from the system preferences. Try opening itunes store now with the new date and time.

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    In all probability this should solve it. However, if it still does not open, go to 'system preferences' again and look for an option to set the date and time manually. Then use an accurate time standard like the television to set the time. Repeat the itunes process again. Hopefully you will soon be browsing excitedly through the world of countless apps.

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