How to Dismantle an iPhone

Apple iPhone is one of the hottest selling cell phones in the market these days and they have taken the smart-phone market by storm. A smart phone is capable of much more advanced computation ability and connectivity then a regular mobile phone and has its own operating software.

These smart phones have a lot of tiny components fixed in their small bodies that can go faulty and when that happens they need to be replaced. Apple due to its slender design is not the easiest of the phones to dismantle. But anyone can dismantle an iPhone at home and the task hardly requires 10 minutes.

Things required:

– A soft cotton cloth.
– A Screw driver.
– Utility knife.


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    First of all place the cotton cloth on a table. Take a paper clip and straighten it out. Push it in the hole on top of your iPhone till the SIM jacket pops out. Take the SIM jacket out and put the cell phone face down on the cloth.Between the bottom case and the upper soft section of the seam insert the knife. Manoeuvre the knife to pop out the rubber section. Take out the rubber section and place it on the table gently. Now use a screw driver to unscrew the screw at the top left and the middle section of the iPhone. Insert the knife in between the front and back case of the phone and slowly move the blade to the top. Repeat the same process for the other side of the phone as well.

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    Remove the headphones metal casing with the help of a screw driver. Depending on the make and model of the device, some of the iPhones may have a screw underneath it while others will not have one. Now take the front casing of the iPhone off and place it gently on the soft cloth.

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    Use the screw driver to unscrew the 6 screws surrounding the LCD on the front panel. From the right side of the iphone remove the rubber section with the knife. After removing the gasket, unscrew the screws that were previously hidden by the rubber section. From the left side remove the screws with the screw driver. Unscrew the camera module which should be visible now and place it gently on the cloth. Take the battery out of the iPhone with the help of utility knife.

    Now release the small cable locking bar with your finger and there you go, your iPhone has been dismantled successfully.

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