How to Block a Phone Number on Verizon

Hiding caller ID sounds a tricky job, but in reality, it is pretty simple, especially when using Verizon telephone service. The Verizon users enjoy a terrific feature called ‘Per Call Blocking’. By using this wonderful feature, one can comfortably hide his/her caller ID without paying any additional cost.

Once you activate this service, nobody will be able to see your identity and the receiving person reads your identity as ‘Restricted’. However, this feature does not work, when it comes to calling emergency services such as 911, or any toll-free phone numbers.


  • 1

    Make sure your telephone is working properly. Once you are sure about the proper functioning, pick your Verizon telephone and dial *67. This is a special code created by the company to hide your identity from the person you are calling.

  • 2

    After dialling the code, dial the area code and the phone number of your contact. This practice means that you are calling the person while using Verizon’s Per Call Blocking feature.

  • 3

    Listen the calling tone like you normally do. By dialling the special code before the phone, you are making a call while using the feature. Now, the receiving person is not able to see your name or phone number on his/her screen.

    Even if your number is saved in the receiving person’s mobile device, he/she will be able to see nothing, but ‘Restricted’. You can check the functioning of this feature by calling someone nearby.

  • 4

    Disconnect the call and make another call without dialling the code. This will allow you to judge the proper working of the feature. The receiving person will surely be able to see your name or number, if you are making a call without dialling *67.

  • 5

    In order to hide your identity, you need to dial the code before each call. Even if the call is not connected, the feature will expire after hanging up. Therefore, you must dial the code before every call to make your phone number show as ‘Restricted’.

    The ‘Per Call Blocking’ feature becomes pretty useful, when it comes to calling someone only once. If a friend is borrowing your phone for making a call, you must ensure that he/she dials the code before pushing other buttons. Otherwise, the receiving person will note your number and may disturb you afterwards.

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