How to Develop good iPhone Apps

The idea of earning more money surrounds the mind of money and that too in this era of financial crunch. In the recent years, we have witnessed a considerable increase in the iPhone app market and the major reason for that is the substantial increase in the number of iPhone users.

It does not matter whether you are a developer or not, you can always pursue it as your profession by taking the necessary course. For those, who are already developers and want to pursue their career in the iPhone industry, it is not that hard as you only need to fulfil a certain criteria and then you are good to go.

Apple iPhone is known for its secure and reliable operating system that offers its customers to have the privilege of experiencing a user friendly and enrich interface. It not only offers its customer access to a vast variety of applications but it also ensures the security and credibility to give its user a bug free experience.


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    First of all, you need to register yourself to the iPhone Developer program which can be done through the premium membership.  The standard charges for this membership are USD99 while to get your enterprise registered, you would be required to pay USD299. This is one of the most important steps as otherwise you will not be allowed to access the iPhone app developing community. Be aware that for the registration of your enterprise, your enterprise should have employed at least 500 people and would be required to build apps for both iPhone and iPod.

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    After getting this done, you can use Software Development Kit (SDK) as it is easy to develop an app in there. This helps you in making an application free from bugs and will also guide you through the process to make you familiar with it.

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    You should try to build your application on the Objective-C programming language that is the most excellent form of C Programming language. It is comparatively complex than other languages but if used, it provides the up to the mark security and reliability of your app.

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    When your application is complete you can test run it via SDK, which also enables you to set a price for your app and make it visible on App Store for the target audience. Apple has a policy of sharing 70% revenue to the developer and keeping the rest of 30% of it.

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