6 Tips For Buying A Second Hand Smart Phone

Buying a second hand smart phone can be very advantageous, mostly because you get to save a lot of money compared to buying newer ones. However, when looking to buy a second hand smart phone, whether from a friend, a nearby or online dealer, there are few key things to have at the back of your mind, in other to avoid making a huge error. Read on to find out 6 tips for buying a second hand smart phone:


  • 1

    Don’t buy a locked one

    Avoid buying a phone that is locked, otherwise you might have to spend some extra cash just to have it unlocked.

  • 2

    Seek seller’s guarantee

    Despite the fact, it’s second hand, the phone must be in a perfect working condition and you should seek guarantees from the seller as to it's longevity. Advisably, you can make a down payment and later on, pay off the balance once you are satisfied the phone is in a perfect working condition.

  • 3

    Compare price

    Consider the price of the phone and try comparing with a newer one. If their prices are almost the same, then you might as well just buy the new one instead. The whole essence of purchasing a second hand smart phone in the first place should be to save cost otherwise what’s the point?

  • 4

    Check for corresponding serial numbers

    A phone’s serial number is very important and it’s in-fact one of the most effective ways to check if a phone is the real deal or not. Every original phone should have a serial number, usually imprinted on it from the manufacturing company. If it’s an iPhone, you can check the sim card slot location for it serial number. Once you’ve gotten it, go on their website and check if it’s registered in their system. If it’s registered, then the phone is authentic.

  • 5

    Check Website ratings

    If you are looking to buy online, make sure you check the website’s ratings and comments from other people. If it has high ratings as well as positive feed-back then it’s very likely to be a reputable site.

  • 6

    Perform a thorough test

    This is one absolute way to determine the authenticity of what you are about to buy. Thoroughly inspect the phone’s outer and inner structure, also checking its graphical user interface. Does it's operating system function very well? Browse through the phone and be certain everything is functioning fully well before you consider buying.

  • 7


    Buying a second hand smart phone is profitable as well as economical, but most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you are spending your money on something solid. Very well then, let these tips guide you into making smart choices when looking to buy a smart phone.

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