How to Delete Smart Actions in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS

Android is the most commonly used Operating Software (OS) for smart phones and tablets these days. Samsung, Sony, HTC and some other leading mobile phone companies have Android as their default OS in most of their cell phones.

One of the many reasons that Android has gained so much popularity in such a small span of time is because it allows so much customization. Users with just a little know how of developing can now create their custom Applications (Apps) that will do specific tasks for them.

Most Android versions come with a pre defined set of settings that are implemented directly without the users consent. For e.g. disabling the camera when battery is very low. They tasks are called smart actions as the device takes these decisions automatically.

Some people find these smart actions irritating. Most people want to control each and every thing about their cell phones themselves. So if you also find these smart actions irksome, this article will guide you how to disable smart actions in Android. This article will take the Android version Ice Cream Sandwich OS under consideration; however, these steps can be followed for any other Android version as well.

Here is a step by step guide on how to disable smart actions in Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


  • 1

    Go to the Apps section and click on Smart Settings

    Tap the Applications button and locate the App called as Smart Settings there. It will have a separate icon on your home screen as well.

  • 2

    Selecting the Android smart action to delete

    There will be smart action settings such as disabling Wireless internet when the battery is low. Scroll down to locate the action that you want to get rid of. Press the icon for 2-3 seconds straight and wait for a menu to pop up.

  • 3

    Select delete from the menu

    Now select delete from the menu that appears.

  • 4

    Press delete on more time to permanently remove the said settings from your device

    The device will ask prompt you now to confirm that you want to remove the smart action. Tap on delete and that smart action will be permanently deleted from your cell phone.

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