How to Change the Pointer Speed in Android

Slow cursor in Smartphone sometime becomes a hurdle in getting users to a certain point with ease. It might cause little trouble in submitting a form or a document while you are in need of a quick submission.

There is little arguing to the statement that Android’s default cursor speed is way too slow for an experienced user. So, instead of putting your entire energy to move the cursor on to the screen, you can always customize its speed on your will.

Android, just like some other available softwares in the market, have different application to speed up the pointer or cursor speed in a bid to facilitate the young generation of users who want their phones to have lightening speed when they use it.

But instead going to Android market place and buy an application for making the mouse cursor faster, users first need to check the stock setting to figure out if the given settings are according to their usage or not.


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    Unlock your phone, go to the main menu and find out the “system settings” option in order to change the cursor speed while using your Android Smartphone.

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    Select the “input and language” option after entering the system setting. You may have to hit “more” tab should you fail to spot the input and language tab which may appear at the bottom of you mobile screen.

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    After entering the input and language option, you will see “locale” at the top of the screen and option like keyboard and input methods to change the language of texting in case you find it difficult to communicate through the default stock language, “Google voice” option to change the voice of your Android phone when it reads messages and contact names for you, and the “pointer speed”.

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    Once you click the pointer speed, a dialogue box will open which will ask you to adjust the speed of your pointer/cursor according to your ease by sliding down the blue knob to the left if you want to decrease the speed and sliding down to the right in case you want the cursor to act quicker than before. The blue knob is automatically adjusted at the middle by default keeping in mind the ease of majority of users.

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    After setting the cursor speed according to your will, you just have to confirm your action by hitting the “OK” button or press the “Cancel” button in case you want to readjust the speed.

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