How to Make Your Android Vibrate During Calls

Mobile phone keeps you in touch with your friends and family. In this modern era of science, many people use smartphones, which offers plenty of vaulable features. The latest smartphone works just like a mini-computer, as it offers many useful applications.

Despite having a smartphone, you cannot take things lightly. You have to set the parameters as per your needs. Like if you are going out, you cannot afford to have your phone ringing at low volume. So, putting your phone on vibration to be informed of an incoming call is very important.

You may receive an emergency call, which you never want to miss. So, quickly make you mobile vibrate for calls, as it helps you avoid miscalls, even at a noisy place. Here we discuss how to make your Android phone vibrate for calls.


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    First of all, make sure that your phone is running properly. Don’t forget to unlock the screen, if you have put any locks. Hit the menu button in Android, where you will find plenty of icons. There is no need to touch any, as you just need to focus on ‘Settings’.

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    Once you enter the settings, the job will become very easy. Scroll down and find the option that says ‘Sound’, right under the heading, saying ‘Device’. Push it, and enter the ‘Sound’ setting. Now, you are very near to your goal.

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    Having entered the ‘Sound’ settings, you need to find option that says ‘Vibrate and ring’. Check the box right in front of the text. If you find any problem in finding this option, look for the heading that says ‘Ringtone & Notification’. Your required option will be right under this heading.

    After pushing the box, don’t forget to make sure that the box has blue check mark. Don’t leave the page before conforming this. You can make it certain by pushing the box twice or thrive. Having confirmed it, you can leave this page by pressing the ‘Back’ button.

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    Now, you phone will ring as well as vibrate, whenever you receive a call. If you don’t want your phone to ring, you have to take one more step. Press the volume button until it vibrates.

    As soon as the phone vibrates, a new icon, suggesting vibration, will show on top of the screen. It indicates that your Android phone is now only on vibration. By pressing the volume up, you can always go back to ‘Ring & vibrate’.

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