How to Increase the HTC Evo 4G Battery Life

Everyone uses cell phones in a different manner. There are some smart phone freaks who are seen with a cell in their hands all day long, texting tons of messages to their friends or keep socializing on Facebook and Twitter. Battery timing of a same smart phone varies from person to person, according to their usage. However, if you use your HTC Evo 4G a lot and you are tired of charging it up again and again, some pointers may help extend your battery life than before. There are many apps and options in your HTC smart phone which eat up your battery charging on a rapid pace. You just have to turn your cell phone to appropriate settings and its battery will last longer.


  • 1

    Hit the ‘Apps’ button to open up the applications in your HTC smart phone.

  • 2

    Go to the ‘Play Store’ for downloading the required application.

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    Update the Qik app

    Download the latest version of ‘Qik’ application from the market. The older versions of this video application prevented your cell phone from going to sleep due to continuous ping, draining your battery a lot. The latest version of this app was reported to improve standby time from 20 hours to 3 days!

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  • 4

    Reduce brightness

    Reduce the screen brightness of your HTC smart phone from the ‘Sound & Display’ settings.

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  • 5

    Turn off Mobile Data

    Keep your mobile data on all the time also eats up your battery on rapid pace. Go to ‘Wireless & Network’ settings in your phone and turn off the cellular data when not using it.

  • 6

    Turn off Auto-Sync

    The ‘Auto-sync’ option can be find in ‘Accounts & Sync” settings in your HTC Evo 4G and you better turn it on only when you need it. Otherwise, keep it turned off for battery storage.

  • 7

    Disable Wifi and 3G

    Obviously you are not using Wifi and 3G in your cell phone all the time. It is better to shut these options from ‘Wireless & Networks’ settings when you don’t wish to be connected to the internet.

  • 8

    Use dark wallpaper3

    Try to use dark coloured wallpapers on your home screen, as they are energy efficient.

  • 9

    This app can be effectively used to close out any of the running app on your cell phone. Applications not properly closed keep on using your cell phone battery. Advanced Task Killer can be downloaded from Play Store and it is totally free!

  • 10

    Battery Status Pro app

    Battery Status Pro application enables you to view the breakdown of your remaining battery of your cell phone, telling you the exact standby time, talktime, internet use etc.

  • 11

    Turn off social networks

    Keeping logged in to social networking websites and apps is another factor affecting the battery life of your HTC Evo 4G. Turn off these apps and only sign in when needed.

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  • 12

    Turn off Home screen

    Make sure to turn off the home screen by pressing the sleep button every time you put your cell phone in your pocket or purse. All of these pointers will contribute to improve your battery time and you will see a significant difference.

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