How to Fit a Case on Your HTC Chacha

Founded in 1997, the HTC Corporation is well known when it comes to smart-phones. Initially, their smart-phones mainly ran on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS but as Android took hold, they diversified and ventured into Android based devices. The ChaCha is one of HTC’s medium to low range Android efforts. The device supports 2G and 3G networks, and was announced in February of 2011. Housing a 2.6 inch capacitive touchscreen alongside a physical QWERTY keyboard, the phone is aimed mainly at the younger crowd, especially given its dedicated Facebook button. The ChaCha comes with Gingerbread pre-installed (Android 2.3) and an 800 MHz processor. It also sports 5MP rear and VGA front cameras. Like it is with any device, protection is important, and given the bevy of cases available, one can easily pick and choose accessories.


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    Fitting a case on your HTC ChaCha is not hard at all. However, it will depend on the type of case you have purchased. If you have a silicon or flexible case, it will be easier to get it on as opposed to hard cases.

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    Clear up some space on your desk before proceeding as a precaution against dropping and breaking either the phone or the case.

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    Clean up the phone properly before putting the case on to prevent any dust from being trapped inside. Use a soft, moist cloth for cleaning (water damages electronic equipment if it seeps inside).

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    If you have a flexible case, simply slip the top end of your device in the case till it fits, then slightly pry open the lower half and pull it over the rest of your phone. Once the case is on, just press it around the edges to ensure everything fits into place.

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    If you have a hard case, the process may be slightly more difficult. Again, try and push the phone’s top into the case first. Hold the case’s sides apart as you slide the rest of the device inside. At times you may feel like the case will break, but high-quality cases have tight fits.

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    After fitting the case, just check to ensure that the volume rocker, which is on the left (when looking at the screen), is functioning properly.

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    Also make sure nothing is obstructing the camera lens, the speaker phone and the flash light on the back. If your case completely covers the top and the sides, you may also want to check if the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top is accessible.

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