How To Change The Weather City On An IPhone

iPhone is the market leader when it comes to smartphones. Ever since its launch, it has left other mobile phone makers scratching their heads in making similar looking phones but no other phone has come even close. It is a device boasting of many features which no other smartphone offers. The latest version of iPhone, the iPhone 5, is now thinner, lighter and is very sleek when it comes to handling. Add to that the beautiful looking 4-inch retina display and you will immediately know that every other phone available in the market is just not up to the standards.

It is capable of performing various tasks with just the tap of a button. Be it sending messages to other iOS devices, setting reminders to pick up various stuff through location identification, listen to hours of music, play HD videos, browse through photos or download new stuff from the App Store. You can do all of this by just tapping on the screen.

In this article, we will tell you about a relatively simple task the iPhone can do. It is how you can change the weather city on your iPhone.


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    First of all, locate the weather icon on your homescreen. It is present on the main homescreen but can be moved anywhere else. If you have put it somewhere else, open it from there. The weather widget by default shows the weather of some of the most famous cities of the US.

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    You need to tap on the small “i” in the right bottom corner of the weather widget. By doing that, you will see the various cities that have been saved in your weather widget. Tap on the “+” sign in the top left corner.

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    The iPhone will then prompt you to enter the name of the city that you wish to look the weather for. After searching, just tap the city name to add it to your weather widget.

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    Now you will see that city in your weather widget. You can also organise the cities in the list according to your own preferences. If you wish to delete a specific city, press the red sign on the left of a city name and iPhone will prompt if you wish to delete it. Press Delete to remove the city from your weather menu.

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    You can also choose to receive the weather updates in Fahrenheit or Celsius scale from the bottom menu. That’s it. You have now successfully learnt how to change weather city on an iPhone.

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