How to Close Apps with Task Killer on Android

Android Market has many applications which you can use for your Android devices as per your needs. For instance, your Android phone may lose its power too early because there are so many applications which are running in the background. But, you need your battery to last longer.

Well! Don’t worry as you can save your Android phone’s power by following a simple procedure. This article will show you the steps which you can take to save your battery power by closing the applications which are running the background, easily. Furthermore, the process has not been discussed in a complicated way so that you may be able to get sound understanding about it without facing any kind of problem.


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    First of all, you must have an Android Marketplace account. If you don’t have an account, you can simply create one on Google by clicking on the option of sign up.

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    Go to Android Market app from your phone’s main menu. Sign in to your Android Marketplace account. After signing in, type ‘Task Killer’ on the search bar which is appearing at the top of your screen and locate the app. Then, download the software application ‘Task Killer’ and install it.

  • 3

    After installing ‘Task Killer’, press and hold the application icon to place a shortcut of it at the desktop of your phone. Please note that you should create a shortcut of the app because you will be using it quite often and the shortcut will assist you to launch the application easily within no time.

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    After creating the shortcut at your desktop, launch the app by tapping on its icon. You will see all the applications which are running in the background and the foreground at your screen.

  • 5

    You can easily select the apps which you want to close by tapping ‘Kill App’ button which is visible on the screen. Eventually, all the applications will be closed in the background or the foreground which you have chosen to kill.

  • 6

    You may go to the Task Killer app on your Android phone at any time to close down the applications which are eating up your battery so as to save the power.

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