Top 10 Navigation Apps for Android

If you are using an android phone and are still unaware of the numerous navigation apps, you sure are missing a lot! Android gives you numerous navigation apps for different purposes and according to your needs. The article below lists down top 10 navigation apps for android. Do download them and makes travelling easy!


  • 1

    Navigon Mobile Navigator

    It helps you reach your destination smoothly. It has different functions including: reality view and lane assistant. There are images of motorway signs and even tells you the right lane to turn to.

  • 2

    CoPilot Live

    It is said to have one of the best features among the navigation app. It works great offline as you can download the maps and won’t need a connection all the time. The active traffic feature gives information on real time traffic. The app has to be bought but it is worth it.

  • 3

    Sygic: GPS Navigation

    It is a free downloadable system. The maps can be stored offline. There are also voice guided commands. The app also has the feature which shows 3D cities. It also notifies about the recommended speed limit in an area.

  • 4

    Android compass

    It is a like a usual compass but has special features incorporated in it. It gives you the location by using GPS or wi-fi.

  • 5

    Loopt GPS Navigation

    It is a highly recommended and used app. It gives you the option of locating if you have any friend in your area. It lets you update on facebook and find the location of your friends.

  • 6

    Wisepilot Android GPS Navigation app

    This app is a creation of the company Apello. It is free if you are using the basic features, but has some costs for the advanced features. There are maps, directions and the integration with facebook allows you to share your location.  It gives you a trial period of 5 days.

  • 7

    Locale GPS Navigation

    It makes your phone intelligent. The company claims that it uses artificial intelligence algorithms. It adjusts the phone settings according to the location you are in. if you are entering office, it will turn off the ringer. The location is detected by wi-fi or GPS. .

  • 8

    GPS Essentials

    This free app has a very high user view rating. The only issue is that you have to bear the advertisements while using it. It has all the features of navigation, tracking etc. it also has a compass.

  • 9

    Waze GPS Navigation App

    This is creation of the company Waze. It has the advantage of taking audio orders so you do not need to type when you are busy driving. It is an interactive app where users tell about traffic, police traps and other related issues.

  • 10

    Glympse Navigation App

    This app lets you share your location with friends via SMS, email or facebook in real time. You can control for how long oyu share your location. It has all other features necessary for navigation.

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