Top 10 Apps for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to break into the booming smartphone market which is currently dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Windows 8, like its predecessor, continues with the ‘metro’ interface, which is in stark contrast to the interfaces supported by iOS and Android.

Even though Windows Phone 8 is relatively new compared to the others, it still has a number of features and characteristics that set it apart in many ways. While the collection of applications for Windows Phone may not be as extensive as it is on other platforms, most popular and essential apps are already present on the Windows platform.


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    Buying a Windows Phone 8 has its perks, especially when it comes to syncing with your Xbox 360 gaming console, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular today. Getting the SmartGlass app will allow you to control the content on your Xbox and provide a number of other features as well.

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    One of the most popular and indispensable video and voice chat applications is also available on Windows Phone 8. With Skype installed, you will not have to worry about losing touch with friends and family.

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    While there is no official Google Maps application available for the Windows mobile platform as of now, there is GMAPS PRO which is basically the same thing, but costs $1.99.

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    Boxfiles for Dropbox

    There is also no official Dropbox application for the Windows mobile platform either. Fortunately, there is Boxfiles for Dropbox, which is a free app and offers the same functionality as Dropbox.

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    Metrogram is the Windows Phone 8 alternative for the increasingly popular social photo-sharing app Instagram.

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    Battery Level

    Windows Phone 8 does not have a native battery display tile for the main screen or the lock screen. For just $0.99, you can have the battery level displayed as a live tile on your screen.

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    When in need of a Twitter client, there is nothing better right now than Rowi, which is completely free and allows you to tweet using your Windows phone.

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    Nextgen Reader

    Having a good RSS feed reader is very important on mobile phone devices, and nothing is better than Nextgen Reader, which costs just $1.29.

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    Network Dashboard

    If you want to have quick access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controls you can download Network Dashboard, which is just $0.99 and will provide tiles for your desired settings.


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    Windows phones have great cameras for photos and ProShot for Windows Phone 8 is a must if you regularly take photos using your phone.


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