How to Locate a Cell Phone with GPS

If you are insecure, protective or suspicious, it is natural that you will use all resources of technology at your disposal in order to cater these feelings. If you feel that your wife’s cheating on you or your children are doing something illegal, you are bound to make sure that your worst fears are true or not. It is equally important to know the activities of your employees to see if they are actually on company business or down at the beach having a time of their lives.

Today, GPS helps you keep tabs on people you don’t trust or people you want to stalk.

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    In order to locate someone’s position through GPS, you need to have a GPS-enabled smartphone at your service.

    First thing that you have to do is to signup for ‘Mologogo’ which is a free service that turns your smartphone into a global positioning system. Visit their website and signup for this free service. During the signing-up process, you will be required to submit your cell number and the carrier.

    After your account has been setup, you will download and install the software on your phone. Once the program is active, you can access the Mologogo website where your location will be shown on a map. Through this, everyone will be able to see where you are and which places you have visited. You can also update the privacy settings.

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    In order to see what other people are up to, add your friends, family and employees which will enable you to keep a track on them and their activities.

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    Mobile Spy is another software that will enable you to track most of the smartphone models available in the market.  However, it is not a free software and you will have to pay to be able to use this service which according to most people, is better and more accurate than Mologogo.

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    If you have Google play on your android phone, you can use it to browse various GPS tracking softwares. However, most of these softwares charge a monthly or annual fee and those that are free, are either too limited in their tracking technology or they cause your cell phone to hang.

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    The Sat-GAP-locate system is also a very good way of tracking a cell phone’s location as it will give you a more accurate location and will update any changes to the phone’s location on time unlike other GPS devices.

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