Steps to Download Google talk for Samsung

Google Talk is considered as one of the most reliable Instant Messengers and is mostly preferred by IM users. Due to the reliability of this service it is now offered on cell phones as well, and Samsung cellular phones are among those sets which allow users to download Google Talk. Installation of this app is quite convenient; you can easily download it and enjoy the free IM service. All possible services that are supported by your Samsung cell phone model can be utilized; you can view your online friends, save the conversation in your phone’s memory and even transfer pictures and videos. Few Samsung sets have Palringo – an inbuilt instant messenger – which supports several messengers and Google is one of them. You just need to configure your Google ID and then enjoy the service. Now instead of opening your Google Instant Messenger on a computer, this service is accessible on Samsung phones as well.


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    You will first have to download Joint Application Design’s 1 Kb file in your set. If by any chance that file is not recognized by your handset then install 188 kb file of Java Archive.

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    After installing the file go to your download menu and type on the Samsung Internet Browser WAP.

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    After browsing, you will have to follow a few simple instructions and the application will be installed.

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    If by any chance the procedure is not working properly then send your queries on the address given below:

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