How to Take a Screenshot of an Android Device (from a Computer)

If you are using an Android-powered device, you can use many interesting features according to your requirements. Moreover, you can also access the Android Market to download and install different apps on your Android.

You may want to take a screenshot of your Android device from your PC. You can easily take it by using your USB cord which you got with your device (if you didn’t get any USB cable with your Android, you can buy one from the market).

In this article, the procedure of taking a screenshot of an Android device from a PC has been discussed in a very simple way so that you may follow it to fulfil your requirement.


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    First of all, turn on USB debugging on your Android phone. You can do it by going to the settings of your phone. You can go to ‘Settings’ by pressing menu button. Tap Applications and then tap the ‘Debugging’ option which you can see in your menu area. Then, tap on the option ‘USB Debugging’.

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    Now, you have to plug your Android to your computer with the help your USB cable. Plug-in the smaller end of your USB cable into your Android and the other end into the USB port of your PC. When you will plug your USB into your PC, it will ask you to install the setup (if you have already installed the setup before, it will detect it automatically).

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    Then, open the files of your phone in the folders.

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    Find the folder ‘Tools’ by browsing.

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    After finding the folder, search for the file ‘ddms’ which is self-executable file.

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    Now, double-click the icon to the file ‘ddms’.

  • 7

    Allow the file to run as a result of which the programme will be installed. After completing the installation, it will open it. Keep in mind that the name of the programme should be ‘Dalvik Debug Monitor Service’. If any error appears, just ignore it as it is temporary.

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    You have to open the drop-down box ‘Devices’ from the menu bar which is displayed at the top of your screen.

  • 9

    Just click the ‘Screen Capture’ box. You can also use a shortcut ‘Ctrl + S’.

  • 10

    You can see the options at the top of your screen which you can use to screenshot for your Android from your PC.

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