How to Set Your Android Alarm

Smart-phones provide a lot of features to facilitate our day to day activities. You can easily set reminders, notifications and meeting schedules on the built-in calendar app. Likewise, an Android device also lets you set alarms (something nearly every phone has today – Android  or not). Every Android based phone has a pre-installed ‘Clock’ app, which has most of the features you would be looking for. The app has a world clock, which allows you to add cities from around the world, following different time zones. It also has a stopwatch built in, alongside a timer function.


  • 1

    Unlock your device and access the app drawer from the dock on the bottom of your home screen (the app drawer has an icon usually made up of small squares).

  • 2

    In the app drawer, look for ‘Clock’, which is a pre-installed app on all Android phones. Tap the icon to proceed.

  • 3

    In the Clock app, there should be a tab titled ‘Alarm’ tap that tab. The next dialogue will present you with the option of creating a new alarm. Press the plus symbol, or the create alarm button.

  • 4

    On the create alarm screen you can choose the time you want to set by either tapping the arrows or taping the number. Taping the number will slide out your on-screen keyboard, using which you can enter digits for time.

  • 5

    After entering the time, you can tap the AM/PM button to set it accordingly. The screen will also give you the option to select days (S, M, T, W, T, F, S) you want the alarm to repeat.

  • 6

    You can also tap the ‘Alarm type’ option to choose between Melody (ringing), Vibration or both.

  • 7

    After you have set the alarm according to your preferences, tap the ‘Save’ option to save the settings.

  • 8

    Now you should see an alarm icon in the status bar, which means the alarm has been set successfully.

  • 9

    The alarm tab in the Clock app will also list the alarm you just set. You can long press a listed alarm (keep your finger on the object till the interface changes) and choose to either delete or edit it.

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