How to Leave a Funny Phone Message

If you are bored and tired of the typical phone messages that everyone keeps while they are away, why not try doing something funny? If you give it a thought, majority of the people have phone messages that are exactly the same. If you are away and want your contacts to have some fun with the phone message why not you do something unique and make them smile? For example, a typical phone message includes: “Hello, I cannot answer the phone right now. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back.”


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    Use funny message on personal line

    Remember that, you should not use a funny message on your number that you use for work purposes. Using a funny message on your work number will leave a bad impression. If you have been in contact with some companies and expect a call from them, you should make sure that your phone message is reasonable and professional otherwise they might think of you as a non-serious person. Of course, you do not want that and want to leave a good impression, therefore, in this case, use a simple phone message. You must use a funny phone message on your personal line that you use for getting in touch with friends and family members.

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    Make sure you deliver all the information

    Leaving a funny phone message does not mean that you should not deliver the adequate information to the person trying to get in touch with you. You do not want to leave a caller in ambiguity, therefore, while setting a funny phone message, you should make that your instructions are loud and clear to him.

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    It should be precise and clear

    Setting a funny phone message does not mean that it has to be lengthy. In fact, your message should be precise and clear to the caller.

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    Compose a message

    Before setting a phone message, you must make a message and try it yourself to check if it fulfils the above mentioned requirements. In addition, hearing your own message will allow you to improve it if any deficiencies found and it will also help you in making it more funnier.

  • 5

    Add your name and contact number at the end

    Apart from providing entertainment to the caller, you must realise the need of mentioning your name and contact number at the end of your funny phone message.

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