Installous 5 Gives Jailbroken Devices The Power of Bit torrent

The Hackulous community, the creator of Installous 5, has added a nifty new feature to the app which allows users to download software from peer-to-peer networks. Previously, Installous 5 users had to look at cyber lockers to pick up apps for their phones. The latest upgrade lets people use magnet links to grab content using the BitTorrent protocol.

Popular Hackulous products cater to people who use jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPods. A jailbroken device is basically one that has the limitations imposed by Apple<removed from the iOS. This usually means that the user has access to all aspects of the phone giving them the ability to fully utilize their device. Of course this practice is not something Apple promotes but millions of users have jail broken phones.

The one drawback for jailbreaking is that the phone is denied access to the extremely popular App Store. In order to overcome this, the Hackulous community created Apptrakr which is an online tool to search an index of apps for jailbroken phones. The community also built the Installous app so that these jailbroken apps could be installed on devices.

Installous has a straight forward format in which users search for an app and get back a list of links that show where to get them. This links usually lead to file hosting sites where the app can be obtained. The latest upgrade will now include links for torrents or peer to peer sharing. The magnetized link that are used by Installous allows the whole process to be decentralized and makes the flow free from interruptions. This whole scenario resolves a several major issues that user were having before with the cyber locker links. BitTorrent allows users to pause and resume downloads unlike the free file hosting accounts and gives users has the freedom to control their download. Also many file hosting sites can sometimes are plagued by large files transfers breaking in the middle. The user then is forced restart the download from the beginning. With peer to peer this is a matter of the past and users do not need to go back to square one every time the Internet goes out or a connection breaks.

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