How to Change the Text Message Tone on an Android

If you are an SMS freak and text a lot to your wide pool of friends every day, you might get bogged out by hearing the same text message tone on your cell phone all day long. It might be annoying at times also, especially when you receive dozens of text messages daily. Isn’t it better to set your text message tone according to your current mood? Surely a softer and more enchanting tone will sound soothing to the ears when you are in a bad mood. Or talking the other way round, a shrieking loud message tone, tearing your ears drums apart, when you are not in a pleasant mood might rage you up even more.

The more complex smart phones (mostly the Android ones) might be a little tricky to change the default message tone. Normally when you try to change the settings of your smart phone for the first time, you end up messing other things along with them. So, you need to precisely manipulate only your desired phone settings, without troubling other options in your cell phone. Actually, it is pretty easy to change your text message tone on your Android phone and it will not take more than a minute to do so. So you can set your message tone according to your changing mood and feel a little different from before. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you can bring some variety in hearing the most frequent voice of the day:


  • 1

    Start with pressing the menu button on your Android phone and a list of options will appear, enabling you to customize your phone settings.

  • 2

    Select the ‘System settings’ option to enter the basic settings of your cell phone.

  • 3

    Hit the ‘Sounds’ tab and all the sound settings of your Android phone will appear.

  • 4

    A ‘Default notification’ option will appear nearly in the middle of the screen. The currently selected text message tone will also appear beneath the same tab.

  • 5

    Entering the ‘Default notification’ tab, all the available text message tones will appear on the screen. You can scroll up or down to view the entire list of available tones in your phone.

  • 6

    You can select the text message tone of your choice from the check box available in front of every message tone. More options will be available, enabling you to play the selected tone. Press ‘Ok’ to set the tone of your choice and that’s it!

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