How to Change the Android Voice

Every day we use our Smartphone for various tasks: phone calls, messages, mail, games, Twitter, social networking, reading, music and much, much more. But not everyone knows that the implementation of most of these problems can not only speed, but also simplified.
The biggest invention in this regard is the Android-phones ability to slander text messages for the respective users without the need for dialing manually. There are applications for speech-to-text already released for smartphones based on Windows Mobile.
The program allows you to type SMS, saying the words in the phone’s microphone. Factor recognition accuracy is 95%. This additional functional program types whatever the words are and bring the options at the bottom of the screen to select from.
The function tries to recognize the spoken word by comparing it with the one in the dictionary. If it finds no match, then it asks the users to choose from a list of possible words or enter them manually.
There is little arguing to the statement that voice input will allow a 75% reduction in the number of calls to the QWERTY-keyboard and an 80% increase in the speed of inserting characters or contacts.
Android provides a useful function that converts text to speech (TTS), and reproduces the text in different languages.


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    Unlock you phone and from the main Android menu search for the “system settings” to make proposed changes to the system.

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    When you enter the system settings, scroll down to find out “Input and Language” which is used for changing the input method and changing the language of your android phone in case you do not understand the stock language.

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    After entering the input and language tab you, again, have to scroll down to the end of the sub menu to find out “Text-to-Speech output”.

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    Google text to speech icon will further give you two categories i.e. SVOX classic TTS and IVONA text to speech. Look further down the page to see the general settings to play a short demonstration of speech synthesis.

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    Click on the language in the settings screen.

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