How to Make Money through Selling iPhone Applications

Apple iPhone has become one of the hottest commodities in the smart phone market these days. Due to its slender design and durable operating software more and more people are shifting towards the Apple products with the passage of time. One of the reasons behind the popularity of iPhone is the vast number of easy to use, mostly free Applications that can be downloaded directly to your iPhone with the press of a thumb.

With monthly sales around $ 200 million, more and more people are entering the iPhone Application development domain. However, it’s not all gold out there; Apple receives around 10 thousand Applications submissions per week. Even for experienced Game developers and programmers it’s a hell lot of competition.

But you hear stories about people making thousands of dollars by making simple Apple Applications. There are many successful Apple iPhone creators out there who have little or no knowledge of programming. So there is no need to worry, even without coding skills you can create iPhone Applications and earn money by selling them.


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    Come up with an idea

    Creating a unique iPhone Application requires that you come up with an innovative idea in the first place. At this stage just concentrate on the idea without worrying about the hassle to code/ program it. You have to believe in the idea itself for the Application to be successful. Most people find it to be hardest step of the entire process. If you cannot come up with something, just think of any idea on how to make your life simple and easy. Ask yourself this question, what do I want my iPhone to do that it does not do already?

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    Develop a plan

    Create a plan for the entire process in the form of a flow chart. Plan the whole thing out carefully. Think about the buttons needed/ logo of the application/ the required screens and everything else. If the plan does not seem feasible re-work the entire process.

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    Coding / selling your idea

    If you know how to program your application, that’s a plus. However if you are not a coding expert or don’t feel like developing the Application yourself there are a number of iPhone developers available that are in need of ideas. Google “iPhone developer” and it will return a list of companies offering their services for the iPhone Application development.

    Negotiating the price is entirely up to you. It’s advisable to review and test their previous work before confirming the deal. And one more thing, remember to test the Application on your iPhone rigorously before paying them out.

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