How to Develop Android Application on Android Device

Android is a Linux based operating system (OS) for mobile phones and has seen a substantial increase in usage. Every second person you look at is carrying an Android phone these days and this has resulted in a lot of applications being developed. From games to peer-to-peer share, the Android applications are, perhaps, even more in demand than Android itself!

There are large numbers of app how-to’s for Android on Eclipse (IDE), intended to give you an influential, incorporated environment in order to put up Android applications, but none of them are for using on Android. However, here is a very simple and to the point article in order to give you a quick insight into creating Android apps straight on an Android device.

The ultimate aim of this article is not create a long and lengthy documentation based on technical things, but to guide you in the right direction in order to get the idea of app development for Android on Android within few easy steps.


  • 1

    Get AIDE

    First of all get AIDE, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android Apps unswervingly on Android devices. You can get it from many sources but getting it from the Play™ store is trustworthy and great.

  • 2

    Open up AIDE

    Once you get the AIDE, simply open it up.  It will definitely ask you to create a new project, so give it the app name and the package name like, “AppName: HelloWorld and “PackageName: com.howtoforge.”

  • 3

    Insert the code

    Copy the following code as it is and simply paste it.  Make sure not to make any changes in it.

    package com.HelloWorld;


    import android.os.*;

    import android.view.*;

    import android.widget.*;

    public class MainActivity extends Activity


    /** Called when the activity is first created. */


    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)




    TextView text = new TextView(this);

    text.setText("Hello World, Android");




  • 4

    Click the 3 dots

    Now, click the three dots in the top right hand side and hit run.

  • 5

    Click “Run”

    Once you click the three dots, simple hit the run link.

    Note: It may ask you to agree to installation from unidentified sources.

  • 6

    Check it from your installed apps lists

    In order to confirm the App Development for Android on Android, you can visit the installed apps lists. It's done! Enjoy!

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