How to Set Up Tether on HTC Android Phones

Tethering is really a great feature in the latest Android phones. It becomes extremely useful when you are out, with no free Wifi available. This wonderful option allows you to transform your mobile phone into a Wifi router, and subsequently you use data signals as Wifi network.

As a result, you connect other Wifi devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones to Internet. There is no need to install a special app for this. The latest HTC Android phones have an inbuilt option to set up tethering. It is a massive advantage for the users.

Imagine you are travelling, and have no Wifi available. Not all the jobs can be done on mobile phone; therefore, you need to connect your laptop to Internet to send an important email. The only solution in this situation is to turn your mobile device into a Wifi modem.

Setting up Tether is not a tough job at all. First of all, you need to make sure that your mobile phone is sending and receiving data normally. The mobile data may be very expensive. So, you must buy a data package before using Internet.

Here we discuss the procedure of setting up Tether on Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is almost identical in every Android version.


  • 1

    Make sure you phone is up and running. Push the ‘Menu’ button, and enter the ‘System Settings’.

  • 2

    Right under the heading of ‘Wireless & Networks’, you will see a few different options, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Data Usage and More.

    Open Data Usage, and make sure it is turned on. You will find a dedicated button inside. Push the button, making sure that it is highlighted.

  • 3

    After turning on data usage, click back, and reach the main settings. You don’t need to scroll down, as the required option ‘More’ lies right under the heading of Wireless & Networks.

  • 4

    There are four different options in More, such as Airplane mode, VPN, Tethering & portable hotspot and Mobile network. The name of the option itself guides you ahead.

    Click Tethering & portable hotspot, and you will find another list of options. Now it is your decision that which tethering you are interested in. The available options are USB tethering, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, and Bluetooth tethering.

  • 5

    Since you are interested in turning you device into a modem, you need to check the box right next to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You have successfully set up tethering on your HTC Android phone.

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