How to Send an App in a Text on Android

Google’s Play Store presents millions of exciting applications and thrilling games to the Android users. It often happens that you come across a very unique and interesting Android application while searching on the Play Store and you want to share it with your friends. Telling your friends merely the name of the app and asking them to search for themselves on the Play Store might seem boring at times. There is a better way of informing your friends about the apps you like by sending them a text message right from the Play Store. This will let them know the exact name of the application, with a link provided if they want to have a detailed look at it. Your friends can simply click on the provided link in your text message and they will be redirected to the page on Play Store where they can easily get that app with a single click. So it makes it easier for you and your friends to get interesting applications while spending lesser time in searching for them. The recipient of your text messages can easily go through the app details and decide promptly whether to install it or not. Sending an app in a text on Android smart phone barely takes a minute and saves a lot of time of others, along with delivering useful information.


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    Go to the ‘Play Store’ in your Android smart phone to search for new applications. New and free applications are featured on ‘Play Store’ all the time. Choose any app you think of your choice and click on it to view its details.

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    Once you have chosen an application and you wish to share it with your other friends, there will a share button available in the top right corner of your Android cell phone screen. This button will be denoted by three connected dots and will enable you to send this app to any phone number you wish via a text message.

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    A list of options will appear after you click the share button. Tap on the ‘Text Messaging’ option to proceed.

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    A new text message screen will pop out, with the app information attached to it. Enter your desired name from your phone book or simply type the cell number of your friends in the ‘Enter recipient’ box and hit ‘Send’ button in the bottom right corner of your Android cell phone’s screen.

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