How to Protect Your Cell Phone from Viruses

Believing virus only attacks the computers is a big mistake. With an operating system and hardware, the latest phones are just like computers. And similarly, there are bugs that disturb their functionality. A virus may create plenty of problems in a mobile phone. It can even destroy the whole software and as a result, the mobile stops working.

The mobile users, particularly who use Internet, need to be very careful, because a virus could prove devastating. Cope with the threats just like the way you do on your computer. The mobile phones have become really vulnerable to the virus attacks these days.


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    There is hardly anything different to do, when it comes to saving your mobile phone from viruses. Install an antivirus application directly on your Smartphone. There are a variety of antivirus applications available these days. Choose the one with good reputation.

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    Always buy the genuine phone. Make sure your new phone has a valid IMEI number. The branded phones are not as vulnerable to the virus attack as the replicas.

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    To avoid serious problems, scan your phone for viruses on a regular basis. A mobile phone may get a virus when connected to a computer that already has a virus.

    So, it is imperative that you always connect your mobile device after ensuring that the computer is virus free.

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    Turn the Wifi and Bluetooth off, when you don’t need them. Bluetooth, in particular, may attract a few viruses. Don’t ever pair your phone with an unknown device. It is better to turn off the Bluetooth function at unknown places. Your phone might catch a virus, whilst pairing with other virus infected devices.

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    Don’t install unknown software or applications on your phone. A virus could quickly damage the entire system. So, you must keep a backup of your contact list and other important data.

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    When accepting things like mobile themes, wallpapers, photos and videos, verify the source. The viruses have created plenty of ways to trouble the mobile users. You may receive a virus through a message. If the source is not reliable, don’t ever download the file attached with the message or email.

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    It is always better to put Bluetooth on non-discoverable mode. Turn down the offer if an unknown device is trying to reach you. To prevent the data stored in your mobile device, you can also use a password.

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