How to Draft Christmas Greetings Email to Employees by CEO

Christmas can be a perfect excuse for a CEO of any random company, to show how much concerned he or she is about the employees, by sending a Christmas greeting letter.

This admirable occasion arrives in the last month of the year, so besides your warm wishes for Christmas you can also praise their hard work and accomplishments they had in the past year.

This letter is an excellent way to motivate your staff, so that they can start the next upcoming calender with a positive spirit and true dedication.

This Christmas letter will definitely help in maintaining the healthy environment of the company or it may improve it to a great extent.


  • 1

    Address your employees in a formal manner and initialize your letter by breaking the news of holidays. Mention the number of holidays very clearly in order to avoid any sort of confusion.

  • 2

    Continue your letter by wishing Christmas to the employees and their families in a friendly manner. Along with the wishes mention the good moments the company has experienced in the past year and the achievements and accomplishments as well.

  • 3

    In the second paragraph remind them about the upcoming projects and you hope to experience same positive sprit as before.

  • 4

    It would be wonderful if you announce a bonus in the letter as a Christmas gift, or a moderate amount of increment in their pay.

  • 5

    In the last portion of the letter wish them a marvelous holiday season and mention the date on which they have to return for work.

    End the letter with ‘Sincerely’ name and designation along with your signature.

    Remembering your workers on prestigious occasions is a wonderful idea to hold up healthy relations with the co workers and Christmas is an amazing opportunity to do so.

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