Resignation Email to Boss

If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to resign from your designation at work, you will have to write a resignation email to at least one of your superiors; your boss for instance.

The body of the email you write should start with your intent followed by the reason you are planning to reason. You should mention the effective date of resignation as well in the first paragraph.

In the following paragraph, write a few lines praising your time with the company and then conclude the email.


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    Sample of resignation email to boss


    Subject: Resignation email

    Dear Mr Wilson,

    I am writing this email in order to bring into you notice that I will not be able to continue my services with ABC company effective from June 20, 2013. This is because I may have to move out of town permanently. Furthermore, I am not satisfied with the salary that I am being paid.

    Working with the ABC company team was a worthwhile experience which will really help me with my future endeavours. However, according to the resignation policy of the company, I will keep performing my duties to my full capacity until my resignation is due. Please contact me if you happen to have any queries or if you feel the need of additional information from me.

    Yours sincerely

    Thanking you

    Franklin Jones

    Senior Executive Customer Services

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    Template of resignation email to boss

    To: [Recipient’s email]

    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Last name of Boss],

    The reason of this email is to bring into your account that I would not be able to continue my services as [Your designation] at [Name of the company] effective from [Resignation date]. There are a number of reasons which resulted in this decision. I am resigning primarily because of a better job opportunity that opened up recently.

    My experience at [Name of the company] would be of great help in my future endeavours. I have gained invaluable professional knowledge and skills during the time that I worked with the [Name of the company] team. Please contact me if you feel the need of further information from my side. I can assure you that I will perform the duties assigned to me to the best of my efforts.

    Yours sincerely

    Thanking you

    [Your name]

    [Your designation]

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