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A well written business sales email can impress a potential client or customer. If you have trouble making an effective business email it is best to find a decent sample that you can follow. Consider offering free advice or some sort of free assessment report in exchange for a small fee to lay the foundation of a strong relationship between you and the client. Do not push the prospect to reply to your email. Be patient and show determination to achieve success in this extremely competitive industry. Greet the recipient in the first paragraph. Second and third paragraphs should include why your company is the perfect choice and what discount can be offered on their first order. Be sure to conclude the email with the appropriate information and a decent closing.


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    Business sales email sample:

    Subject: Business Sales opportunity


    Mr. Ricardo Hession
    President and CEO
    Network Solutions Inc.
    1253 Temple Road

    Dear Mr. Hession,

    You are one of the few business executives that we have chosen to notify about our sales promotion service. We request you to read the attached file to find out about our performance so we can deliver a special offer to you.

    We have been operating as a leading sales promotion service in your area for the last ten years. Although we started with a small team, we have grown into one of the most reliable sales promotion service. Because this is the first time we have contacted you, we would like to offer a special discount on your first order.

    For more information do not hesitate to contact me.


    Hakim Mujhaid
    Sales Manager

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    Business sales email template:

    To: [Email address of concerned authority]
    Subject: [Write subject of the email]


    [Name of the official]
    [Official’s designation]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

    Dear [Prospect Name],

    I am sending this email to notify you about the quarterly business sales report of ABCD company for the records of WXYZ company. As per our discussion, we have prepared a document detailing the total sales, names of sales people, date and customer names to highlight our achievements and accomplishments. Kindly find the attached report along with pie charts showing our progress over time.

    A lot information and data had to be gathered to prepare this detailed report. All details in this paper are accurate. We plan to continue performing in the same manner in the second quarter of this year. Both customer complaints and problems are included in this report to give you an idea of how we tackle difficult situations.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the attached file. Call me for free at [phone number] or email at [email address] from 9am to 5pm.


    [Email Address]
    [Phone Number]

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