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Being an employee at any company, the worst thing you can experience is to receive a layoff notice. However, as an employer, you have to act in the best interest of the business and if it requires you to layoff some of the employees, you have to perform this drastic step as well. You can take care of certain points while writing a layoff notice email.

Begin the opening paragraph of your email by telling the recipient the circumstances the business is currently going through. Tell him the factors which have led you to think of downsizing the organisation.

In the next paragraph, you have to tell the employee that you will not in need of his/her services anymore in the future and he/she have been made redundant. Obviously you have to provide a notice period so that the employee can search for another job in the mean time and you will also have to pay the redundancy cost to the employee for laying off him/her against his/her will.

Bid farewell to the employee and wish him/her luck for the future endeavours. End the email on a friendly note and thank the employee for the services he/she provided to your organisation.


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    Sample of Layoff Notice Email


    Dear Mr. Nathan Steve,

    You must be aware of the economic crunch which is prevailing in our country for the past few months. Unfavourable business conditions have forced many companies to closure and downsizing. In fact, cost cutting has become inevitable at this point and our company also has to go for it if it is to sustain stability.

    I am sad to inform you that as part of the downsizing process aimed at cost cutting, our company will not be needing your services anymore. Your designation in the company has been made redundant. You are being provided a two month's notice period, during which you will keep performing your duties as per routine, and after the end of which you shall be released from your job. The redundancy payment will be made to you as per the prevailing Redundancy Laws of the state.

    It has been a pleasant time working with you Mr. Nathan and had it not been these drastic times, we would have never let you abandon this company. You shall always be remembered and if needed, will be called back to resume your job. Wish you good luck for your future.

    Harry James

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    Template of Layoff Notice Email

    To:[email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the recipient]

    You must be aware of the performance of our sales department's performance at Miami branch for the past two years. It is extremely disappointing to say that the branch office has utterly failed to achieve its targets throughout this span of time.

    It is the failure of Miami branch office that the board of directors have decided to shut it down and use its resources at other successful branches. I am sad to announce that you have been made redundant from your present designation at our company. You will have to serve one-month notice period before the branch office is closed and you shall be paid the redundancy amount as per stated in our country's laws.

    I hope you will have a better career at some other place. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for providing your services to our company.


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]

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