Service Apology Email

Being a professional service provider, you might fall in a scenario when some critical mistake being committed by you or your company brings criticism and complaints from the clients. You have to adhere to all such emails positively and if you see you really are at fault, you better accept your mistake in front of the client. A service apology email depicts your true professionalism and can be very beneficial for your future relations with other the clients.

Begin your email by apologising your client right away. Tell the client that you are immensely sorry about the inconvenience you cased to him/her in the opening few lines of your email.

You have to accept your mistake openly and explain the causes of the mistake to the client. Don’t try to be defensive in the email, as this will give an expression to the client that you are avoiding to accept the blame.

In the next paragraph, you can offer any reparations for the inconvenience you caused to the client. Offer your apology once again to the client and express your hopes of carrying on a healthy professional relationship in the future.


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    Sample of Service Apology Email


    Subject: Service Apology

    Dear Mrs. Samantha John,

    I am extremely regretful for the inconvenience you have suffered by the faulty fitting of drainage pipes by our company. On behalf of my company, I offer you my sincerest apologies.

    It is entirely our responsibility to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and any such mishap is against our professional values. The negligence of our labour force has caused significant disturbance to you and we shall perform all steps necessary to repair your loss.

    I shall dispatch a team of expert professionals today to repair the drainage fitting. Our company will gladly pay for the losses you have suffered from the drainage water in your house. Our supervisor shall ensure all work is performed with due care this time. I hope our business relationships will not be affected with such issues in the future.


    Paul Smith
    Manager Operations

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    Template of Service Apology Email

    To: [email address of the client]

    Subject: [Subject of Email]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the client]

    I offer my sincerest apologies to for the unsatisfied mechanical services being provided by our firm to you last day.

    I have read your complaint that the ignition of your car is not working after being repaired by our mechanics. The mechanic in charge was a bit less experienced and perhaps this was the reason he couldn’t get to the core problem of your vehicle. I am dispatching one of my best mechanics to your home and he shall make your car fully functional.

    Once again I apologise for the inconvenience my firm has caused you and I offer a 10 per cent discount to you for all services you get from us in the future. I hope we will continue to have out commercial relations in the future as well.


    [your name]
    [your designation]

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