How to Set Up Yahoo Mail on Droid

Although setting-up Yahoo mail on phone is not difficult at all but few people find it hard to sync Yahoo with a Motorola Droid. But if the procedure is followed in a proper way you will be able to connect with your Yahoo account from a Motorola Droid and experience a hindrance free service.

Once you set up the relevant settings on the phone you will be allowed to avail the service that can be done while accessing Yahoo through a computer.

A simple procedure has to be followed after which you can say good bye to your computers on which it took plenty of time in getting logged in first, wait for the browser to load the Yahoo homepage and then sign-up to the Yahoo mail account.

Carefully follow the guide mentioned in this article:


  • 1

    Before starting the procedure make sure that the Wi-Fi is switched off.

  • 2

    Next click on the Email icon, which is available on the home screen

  • 3

    A new screen will open-up showing list of options, select Manual Setup which can be viewed on the lower left corner of the screen.

  • 4

    Next you will be asked to enter relevant information for the Incoming Server Settings. Add the data mentioned as follow:

    IMAP server should be set as “”
    Port should be set to 143

  • 5

    In the Outgoing Server Settings add the data given as follow:

    The SMTP should be set as “”
    The Port number is 587

  • 6

    Before hitting the button Next, check the “Require sign-in” check box.

  • 7

    On the next page you will have to select how often your Droid will check Email. After that select the default settings

  • 8

    Next you will have to name the account as Yahoo and then type a name which you want to be displayed for the outgoing messages.

  • 9

    In the end click Done. The settings required to sync your Yahoo account with Droid completed.

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