How to Backup Emails on Gmail

If you are fearing that you will loose the emails on the Gmail account or else there’s  some very important data residing in those emails and you cannot risk losing that, then email backup is the only solution. Well, it may sound too difficult, but actually you do not have to worry too much as there are number of options that will enable you to create Gmail emails backup in not time. Whether it’s the matter of storing the mails that you have sent or the mails in your inbox or both, the emails will be backed up without any hassle.

There are some options available on Gmail account itself while there are some utilities that can be downloaded from the internet to create backups. In order to know more about what Gmail has to offer regarding the email backups and what utilities are available, follow the guide below:


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    Using Forwarding or POP option:

    You can simply create a backup of the emails you have received so far by using the forwarding option in your Gmail account which is found in the settings option in the gear menu on the top right hand corner of your Gmail account window. Using this option, all your emails will be downloaded to your specified desktop software.

    If you want to take a backup of the mails you have sent so far, use POP option which is found in the settings of the gear menu. Enable POP after selecting the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option and configure the email client according to your requirements.

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    Using Utilities:

    Fetchmail:Licensed under General Public License, this is a free Gmail email backup utility which downloads emails from IMAP and POP remote servers so that they can be saved and available on the local mailboxes. In order to install fetchmail follow the details at

    Gmail Keeper: This is yet another utility that is meant for paid windows and keeps a local copy of your Gmail mails. Visit for further information on how to create a backup.

    Backupify: Backupify is a very exciting utility equipped with different features for cloud based data, that provides archiving, searching and restoring the services like Gmail. You need to have one account that will not only access the information on all the accounts but also creates a backup. For backup follow the process at .

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