Condolence Email to Colleague

Condolence email to a colleague is written by one person for his or her co-worker who has lost his or her family member. It is basically a way to extend your sympathies towards your colleague that makes him or her feel better.

In the starting paragraph, you should state the reason of writing the email that is the death of your colleague’s relative. Let your co-worker know that your sympathies are with him or her and that he or she is not alone at this hard time.

In the second paragraph, you should include some memories, if you have any, of the deceased person and his or her good things. Also pray that May his or her soul rest in peace.

In the third paragraph, you should assure your colleague that you are always there for him or her. Make your co-worker realise that you are there for his or her help. Also encourage his or her to pass through this difficult time.


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    Sample of Condolence Email to Colleague


    Dear Andrew,

    I have heard the sad news of your brother’s death from the marketing manager Mr. Phil Mathews and I am shocked with this mind shattering incident. I have no words to express my grief for your brother’s death. Please accept my deepest sympathies for your irreparable loss.

    You brother White Smith was a lovely man as he was kind to all of us. I met him on your last birthday and he treated me just like a close friend. I am really sorry for his death and we will never forget him. I pray that May God bless him with mercy and May his soul rest in peace.

    Andrew I am with you at this time of grief and I also suggest you to be surrender against the will of God. Try to support your family at this difficult time and let me know if you need any sort of help.

    Your sincere friend,

    John Phillips

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    Template of Condolence Email to Colleague

    To: [Your colleague’s email address]

    Dear [Colleague’s name],

    With a burdened heart, I am writing this condolence email to you for the death of your elder brother [name of the deceased person]. It was a shocking news for me when the manager [write your manager’s name] told me a few minutes ago about the death of your brother.

    You brother [name of deceased brother] was a nice person with a lively personality. I have met him several times and he treated me just like a brother. I pray that May his soul rest in peace and May God shower His blessings on him.

    [Your colleague’s name], please never feel that you are alone at this difficult time because I am always there for you. You should be courageous as you have to support your family as well. Let me know if you require any sort of help from me.

    Your sincere friend,

    [Your name]

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