How to Send an Anonymous Untraceable Email

There are so many things that we feel like saying or communicating to someone, but the sensitive nature of those words or information makes us reluctant. There is no telling how the person we are sending the mail to may react to it, even if what you have written in it is for their benefit. Things can get pretty complicated for us.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this problem. Some great mind, or minds, has come up with a way to enable a user to send anonymous and untraceable email to anyone.


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    The first thing you need to do is to launch the web browser installed on your computer and typing “” in the address bar on top of the screen. Press “Enter” to get to that website.

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    Give a username and password to the website to start using it. There will be no request to provide a valid email to sign up or get yourself verified as a real person. Your IP will not be logged either. The website is pretty secure, so there is no need for you to feel cautious while using it. If your paranoia is keeping from relaxing, it is best to have an anti-virus and Internet security software installed on your system. This will protect your computer from any unsolicited intrusion.

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    After you have signed in to by entering a username and password, start composing the mail that you want to send while remaining anonymous. After you are done writing the message, you will need to provide the email address at which you want the mail to be delivered. You can also a file up to the size of 15 megabytes to your email. If you want a copy of the mail to be sent to someone else, you can enter their email address in the “CC” or “BCC field.” The “Subject” field is also there, allowing you to write something there that would tempt the receiver to open the mail and read it.

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    If you want to make sure that nobody suspects you of sending the anonymous mail, you can use the time delay option provided by the website. Choose a time when you know you are in the company of the person you are sending the mail to. This way, they will never suspect you of being behind the mail.

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    Send the anonymous untraceable email.

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