Confirmation Email for Interview

Writing a confirmation email for interview to someone is as easy as writing any business Email. When you are in charge of hiring people for a department at your company or you work at a headhunting firm, you will be frequently asked to write emails to prospective employees, confirming that they have been selected for an interview.

The first paragraph of confirmation email for interview should tell the recipient that he/she has been selected for an interview. The date and the venue for the interview should be given in the opening paragraph as it lets him/her know why this email was written.

In the second paragraph, you can give a little background of how the company came up with the decision to pick the recipient for an interview. The candidate’s qualification and credentials are briefly discussed, explaining his/her skills match the requirements of the job.

The concluding paragraph should express hope that the interview will be a great experience for both the prospective employer and the employee.


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    Sample Confirmation Email for Interview

    Roger Harper
    8th Avenue, New England Road,
    New York City, United States
    January 08, 2012

    Dear Mr. Harper,

    This is to inform you that we have assessed your job application and credentials that you sent to us dated December 05, 2012, and would like to call you for an interview on January 24, 2013 at our head office.

    Your education and job experience match our criteria for interview and we hope that you can further impress us and be a valuable asset. We look forward to seeing you on the scheduled date of your interview.

    Your Sincerely,

    Nick Smith,
    Manager Human Resource,
    ABC Links Inc,
    1301 Simpson Avenue Northwest,
    New York, United States (202) 626-3180

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    Template Confirmation Email for Interview

    (Candidate’s name)
    (Candidate’s residential address)
    (City, country)

    Dear Mr. ___________,

    We would like to congratulate you that you have been selected for an interview at ___________ Inc. You will be expected to show up at the head office dated ___________ for a detailed interview with the CEO of the organization.

    Your qualification and work experience met our assessment criteria and we hope that you can be a valuable asset for ______________ Inc.

    Your Sincerely,

    (Employer’s name)
    (Employer’s designation)
    (Company’s name)
    (Company’s address)
    (City, Country, postal code)

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