Professional Apology Email to Client

A professional apology email is used for both business and personal reasons. There could be many reasons for sending a professional apology email. This type of email is usually written when a person wants to say sorry for their inappropriate behaviour or for the lack of service from their company with another person.  Not only does an apology email convey your message but it also acts as a bridge between you and your clients/friends.

A professional apology email should be utilised if you want to show regret or humility for something that you or your company might have done wrong with the customer.

Writing a professional apology email can be quite challenging as you want it to be truthful and believable.

Apologise for whatever it is that you or your company did wrong in the first paragraph. The customer or client wants reassurance that their complaint or issue is being dealt with, so always make sure to highlight these lines in your professional apology email. Always show humility and identify the actual lack of services on your part. Try not to repeat the fact that you are sorry otherwise it might look contrived. Do not forget to reassure the customer in the second paragraph that this type of lapse in service will not happen again. Remember to stress on your previous relationship with this customer and how everything was a misunderstanding. Show that you understand the issue and will work towards resolving the problem quickly. Provide your contact details in the third paragraph.


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    Sample of Professional Apology Email

    Subject: Apology Email

    May 13, 2013

    Dear Ms. Grey,

    I had the chance to look at your formal complaint email after returning from vacation earlier this week. After reading through the details, I am convinced that you have been experiencing internet connectivity issues for the last few weeks. You also visited our office in an effort to resolve the issue but our staff customer services staff did not support you. The only possible explanation is we recently made key changes to our staff which might have caused a lot of trouble for you.

    I have advised our support staff to contact you by the end of this week to set up a convenient time to install a new modem and a router at your house. Kindly allow us to make the required adjustments so we can get your internet connection up and running.

    Let me assure you our service is a lot better than what you experienced when you visited our office. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries about how our staff will install the new modem and router.


    Paul Max
    Customer Services Manager
    ABC Corporation
    35 Kingston Street
    Derby Road, LE11 1HL

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    Template of Professional Apology Email

    To: [Email address of concerned authority]
    Subject: [Write subject of the email]


    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    The purpose of this email is to convey my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you had to experience last month due to [reason for inconvenience]. As you know, we are one of the most reputed and trusted companies in the region, we are writing this mail to say sorry for what happened on [date of incident] at our [where incident happened].

    I assure that your issue will be resolved within [time frame for resolution]. For further information, please do not hesitate to call me on [Phone number] or email at [Email Address].


    [Official’s designation]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

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