Entry Level Marketing Email

Entry level marketing email is sent to clients to inform them about the products which the company sells. If you are trying to increase your business, then sending a marketing email is a good strategy to go with.

The first paragraph of the email should contain introduction about your company.

In the second paragraph, you can talk about your products, or you can attach the details of the products with the email.

If you have any offers to make, you can state them in the third paragraph, and then end the email on a positive note, making it clear to the recipient that you really want to do business with him/her.


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    Sample of Entry Level Marketing Email

    To: Samson@abcmail.com
    Subject: Introducing Houston Hardware Pvt. Ltd. Company

    Dear Samson,

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you with our company, the Houston Hardware Pvt. Ltd. Company, which has been dealing in hardware products for the last two years. Now we are planning to expand our business in San Francisco and for that purpose, we are in need of wholesale dealers who can market our products in the region.

    You can find the details of our products attached with this email. The products are of high quality and are on offer for really affordable prices. As we are trying to penetrate in a completely new market, we are currently offering great commission offers to our dealers.

    It is also a great opportunity for you to add to your bussiness, by helping us sell products in San Francisco.

    Hoping to see you become a part of our business very soon.


    Alex Eisenberg
    Marketing Manager
    Houston Hardware Pvt. Ltd. Company

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    Template of Entry Level Marketing Email

    To: [Recipient’s email]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Recipient’s Name],

    We are a newly established company [Company Name] which functions as a part of [Parent Company Name], dealing in apparel and fashion products at affordable prices. Currently, we are conducting an online marketing campaign to introduce our high quality products to business entities around the world.

    We do not only intend to make you our customer, but also want you to gain huge profits by further boosting the sales of our products in your local market.

    I have attached the list of products we are selling, along with the difference in retail and wholesale prices. You can also visit our company website at [Website URL] for more information about our company and products.

    We will be really happy to respond to all your questions and queries regarding the products on offer. You can contact us at [Phone Number].

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Company Name]

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