Interview Cancellation Email

The main purpose of an interview cancellation email is to inform the interviewee about the delay or cancellation of interview along with the reason that has destroyed the plan.

In the opening paragraph, you should mention applicants scheduled interview along with the job position. Make sure you apologise for the inconvenience that forced you to cancel the interview till further notice.

In the following paragraph, you need to ensure the applicant that he or she has required qualification and skills the organisation has been looking for. However, the interview will not be conducted on the scheduled date because of some problems.

In the ending paragraph, you should notify that the applicant will receive the next interview date as soon as the problem at the office is resolved.

Wind up your interview call letter email with appropriate salutations.


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    Sample Interview Cancellation Email


    Subject: Cancellation of interview

    Dear Laura Smith,

    I am sending you this email to inform that your interview for the position of assistant human resource manager which was scheduled interview on May 13, Monday, at Fredda Inc. has been cancelled due to the renovation of our office.

    We are really sorry for this inconvenience because the CEO decided to expand the office for accommodating new employees. However, we ensure you that your credentials meet our criteria and there is no reason to be worried about.

    We are not sure how much time the office renovation will take. But we ensure you that you will get an email and call as well as soon as the renovation task is done. If you have any confusion, give me a call at 94587394.

    Kind regards

    Martin Guptil
    Human Resource Manager
    Fredda Inc.

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    Template Interview Cancellation Email

    To: [Interviewee’s email address]

    Subject: [..........]

    Dear [Interviewee’s name],

    With reference to the scheduled interview on [write date and day] at [write place] for the position of [write position] at [company’s name] we regret to notify that this interview cannot be conducted on the scheduled day because of [write reason].

    Nonetheless, you do not need to worry about anything because you perfectly meet all of our requirements and we really wanted to meet on the scheduled date but the problems destroyed the all plans.

    We will contact you immediately after resolving this problem. If you have any questions regarding the cancellation of interview then do not hesitate to call me at [phone number].

    Best regards,

    [Your name]
    [Company’s name]

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