Interview Arrangement Email

Email is an important mode of communication both outside and within an organisation. It is fast and efficient as a clear message can be easily delivered. The same is true for emails that are to be sent within a department.

In case the company is hiring new employees, an email can be sent to the HR department for arranging the process to make sure that all aspects are covered and there is no lacking at the end of the day. It is not a cumbersome email in any way.

Start the email by letting the concerned person know that there is a need for new hiring and therefore interviews need to be arranged.

In the second paragraph, let the person know the details regarding the interviews and potential dates for them.

Conclude the email by asking to keep you posted on the arrangements and to ask any questions freely should the need arise.


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    Sample of Interview Arrangement Email

    Dear Amy,

    The organisation is in the process of expansion and therefore will be hiring new employees shortly. This hiring will take place in the finance and sales department. We are looking to bring in dynamic and professional individuals that can help with our latest projects.

    A list is attached with the email of the candidates who are to be called for interviews. Ideally we will like the interviews to be held in the last week of this month. Please make sure that the interview calls are dispatched to all candidates in the next three days through courier service. Also, make sure that all necessary arrangements are made at the office in this regard as well.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Keep me posted at every step of the process.


    Alexander Whitney
    HR Manager

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    Template of Interview Arrangement Email

    Dear [Name of Addressee],

    We will soon be hiring new staff in the Sales and Marketing department for our new offices in the city. You will need to arrange for the interview of short listed candidates on [date of interview].

    A list of the candidates has already been emailed to you. Please make sure that all necessary arrangements are made and the letters to the candidates for interviews are sent at the earliest.

    Let me know about your progress. In case there is any issue, the door of my office is always open for discussion.


    [Name of Sender]

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