Sony Ericsson Yahoo Mail Settings Overview

Is it difficult for you to connect to Yahoo, check your emails and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings? Not anymore! Because Yahoo allows Sony Ericson users to configure Yahoo Mail settings on their handsets and send and receive emails with ease and convenience. Besides sending and receiving emails, you will have access to Yahoo homepage which will keep you updated with the latest happenings.

These settings are only valid for those Sony Ericson handsets which support email and internet connectivity.

In your Sony Ericson cellular phone, go to your Menu and then select Messaging.


  • 1

    Once you are in the Messages folder, go to the Email folder and select Settings.

  • 2

    A list of options will be displayed on your screen. Scroll down and select New Account.

  • 3

    In Account you will have to type Account Name (an Example can be Yahoo! IMAP)

  • 4

    You will see that the option Data Account is labeled as Connect Using, select it.

  • 5

    - Enter your Yahoo Email Address in the Email Address field.
    - Type IMAP4 in the field "Connection Type"

    In the Incoming Server field type address
    - In the Username field, type your complete Yahoo Mail address
    - In the Password field enter the password of your Yahoo Mail address
    - In the field of Outgoing server type address
    - Select Next

  • 6

    - On the Advance setting page select No Encryption in the Encryption area.
    - In the field of outgoing username, re-enter your complete Yahoo Mail address.
    - In the field of Password re-enter your Yahoo Mail address password.
    - Incoming port: 143
    - Outgoing Port: 25
    - Select Done.

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