Apology Email to Girlfriend

If you have done something to hurt your girlfriend, then you surely owe her an apology instead of letting your ego get in your way. If you have already tried meeting her in person or giving her a call, but to no avail, do not give up trying. Instead, use technology to your advantage. Send her an e-mail and convey your feelings and regret to her.

While writing an apology e-mail to your girlfriend, do not make the mistake of overlooking some key elements.

In the first paragraph, you should tell her that you regret hurting her and that you want things to go back to normal.

In the second paragraph, tell her the reason for you doing whatever it was that you did that made her sad or hurt her feelings.

In the final paragraph, ask for her forgiveness, while assuring her that you will never hurt her again.


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    Sample for an Apology Email to Girlfriend

    To: melissa@hotmail.com

    Dear Melissa,

    I am extremely sorry for hurting your feelings by not showing up at your birthday party. I know what I did was extremely wrong and inexcusable.

    I love you Melissa and I know for certain that you feel the same way about me. Therefore, I expect you to believe me when I say that your birthday is and will continue to be one of the most important days of the year for me. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind about coming over to your birthday party and standing right next to you when you blow out the candles and cut the cake.

    Unfortunately, my mother requested me to take her to her sister’s house at the last minute. I told her that I already have a really important commitment, but she got angry and eventually compelled me to give in to her command.

    I tried calling you, but I guess you are not in a mood to hear my voice.

    Melissa, please believe me when I say that I am extremely sorry for hurting you by missing your birthday party. I swear I will make it up to you somehow. Please forgive me and give me a chance to make amends. Just give me a chance to prove to you just how sorry I am.

    Yours truly,



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    Template for an Apology Email to Girlfriend

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Dear [Name],

    Please forgive me for losing my temper and becoming rude with you. I sincerely regret it and am feeling miserable at the moment.

    I have been a bit edgy lately. You know how my parents are fighting all the time. The non-stop shouting at home has finally gotten to me and made me extremely frustrated.

    When I saw you texting your friend while I was talking to you, I assumed that you are ignoring me, I got mad and took out all my pent-up frustration and anger at you.

    I know what I did was wrong. I had no right to shout at you like that. Please give me a chance to show just how sorry I am. I will do anything to make amends. Stop ignoring my calls and texts. I love you.

    Yours truly,

    [Sender’s Name]

    [Sender’s Email Address]

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