How To Attach Documents to Email On An Ipad

It is a routine for anyone using an Ipad to receive emails, and along with these emails, receive attachments. But to compose an email and attach a file to it is a different thing. It is something that not everyone knows how to do.

Apple’s Ipad does not have the feature to attach a file to an email from the email composition screen. If you have to attach a file, you need to do it from the application that views that particular file. By default, you can attach files such as PDF or images. In case you want to attach files which do not have built-in support in Ipad, a Microsoft Office file for instance, you need to install a third-party application.


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    Ipad has a built-in application called iBooks. You need to use this application but before that make sure your Ipad has at least iOS 4.2 installed on it.

    Launch the iBooks application on your Ipad and open the file that you want to tag along with your email. When you tap the file icon, a rectangular icon with an arrow will appear at the top of your Ipad screen. When you tap that rectangular icon, it will give you a number of options. Choose ‘Email’ from the options list and there you go. The file has been attached to a new email message.

    Using the rectangular icon, you can also attach other file types such as images and web links.

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    ReaddleDocs is a third party application you can use to attach files to an email message. The interface of ReaddleDocs is quite similar to that of Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

    In ReaddleDocs, built-in support has been provided for most Microsoft Office documents as well as Apple iWork documents and PDF files. View the file you want to attach in ReaddleDocs. An icon similar to that in iBooks will appear. Select ‘Email’ from the list of options.

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    Another application you can use for the purpose in discussion is Zen Viewer. Like ReaddleDocs, Zen Viewer is a third party application as well but it has a different user interface than ReaddleDocs. Zen Viewer supports file formats such as Microsoft Office files, PDF files, images, EPUB files, text files etc.

    In Zen Viewer, when you tap the file that you wish to attach, a gear-shaped icon appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. When you tap that icon, advanced view will pop up. In the advanced view, you will see green circles next to the files in the folder currently being viewed by you. Select the files you wish to attach by taping the respective green circles and then tap ‘Email’ at the bottom of the screen.

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