Apology Email for Not Attending Class

Not showing up for class, especially when your professor had categorically stated that he/she would be delivering an important lecture, is not only an irresponsible act, but also rude. If you, for some reason, missed the class, then you owe your professor an apology.

In this guide we will show you how to write an apology email for not attending class and also provide a sample and template that is sure to help you get out of a tight spot like this.

Tips for Writing an Apology Email for Not Attending Class


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    Get straight to the point and keep the email concise
    Explain why you couldn’t attend class and justify your absence
    Apologize for your absence and assure your teacher that you will make up
    Offer to take extra classes or share how you will copy notes from a classmate

    Sample of an Apology Email for Not Attending Class

    To: martinkingsley@gmail.com

    Subject: Apology for absence from class.

    Respected Sir,

    Please allow me to apologize for not being able to attend your Psychology class on Tuesday, May 4, 2014. I truly regret missing the all-important lecture.

    However, I wanted to inform you that my grandfather has been ill for quite some time now and his old age has taxed his health considerably. His condition deteriorated on Monday evening, when he started vomiting and passed out.

    My family rushed him to the hospital immediately and according to the doctor he is better now. My grandfather regained consciousness on Tuesday, and I have been with him throughout this ordeal.

    Unfortunately, this meant I could not attend your class and had to miss out on the lecture. However, I assure you that I am willing to take an extra class if you would be so kind, or copy notes from my classmates and read up on the topic at home.

    I hope you will consider my circumstances and accept my apology.


    Marcus Thompson
    Section F, 3rd Semester

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    Template of an Apology Email for Not Attending Class

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Subject: Apology email for not attending class

    Respect Sir/Ma’am,

    I am sending this email to you to apologize for not attending your class on [Day and Date]. I regret not being able to attend such an important lecture despite you clearly highlighting its importance last week.

    The actual reason for my absence was (reason of absence), which rendered me unable to do anything else. If I could, I would have definitely attended your class.

    I would like to take an extra class on the topic if you have time. If not, I’ll make sure that I copy the notes from a classmate and read up on them at home.

    I really hope you will forgive my absence given my circumstances.


    [Your Name]
    [Section and Semester]

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