How to Send Text Message to Cingular From Email

The best way to send free text messages to a Cingular user is to use your email account. You can even receive replies from the person to whom you are sending the text in the same manner. Of course you will get the replies in the form of emails in the inbox of your email account.

Fortunately, all you need to send text to a Cingular customer from an email is a computer with internet connection and an active email account. The rest is simple. Just compose the email and send it your desired person.


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    The first thing you need to do is to compose a new email message which will contain the text that you want to send to the Cingular phone. Simply login to your email account and click the ‘Compose’ button if you have a Gmail account or ‘New’ button if you are using a Hotmail account. No matter which button you have to click, the idea is to create a new email message.

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    In the ‘To’ field, type the Cingular phone number which will receive the text message that you are about to send. Make sure that you do not use any special characters such as dashes or spaces when entering the phone number. Just use numerals and nothing else.

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    After you have entered the phone number, write the words ‘’ or ‘’ without the quotes. For instance, if the Cingular phone number to which you want to send the text is 1234567890, you will need to write ‘’ or ‘’ without the quotes in the ‘To’ field.

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    At the end of 2007, Cingular changed its name to AT&T. If the customer to whom you are sending the text message has not updated his service or phone since then, use ‘’ after the phone number. Otherwise use ‘’.

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    Click in the area where you can type the content of the text that you wish to send. Simply type in the message and click the ‘Send’ button. You email will be sent to the Cingular phone and the Cingular customer to whom you sent the email will be able to read it just like a normal text message.

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