Outlook Express Settings for Yahoo Mail Overview

You can easily consolidate two famous web based email services, Yahoo and Outlook Express by changing a few settings. This will help you in handling two accounts at the same time and you can also read and reply to your yahoo emails through your Outlook. The merging of two accounts will keep you up to date and you will also not miss a chance to send an urgent reply to any important email received on your Yahoo e-mail ID. If you want to change the settings back to default in future then that can also be done by simply undoing the steps you did earlier to merge Outlook and Yahoo.

In order to change Outlook Express Settings for Yahoo Mail, follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. The procedure stated below will help you in setting Yahoo Mail to send and receive emails from Outlook Express.


  • 1

    First you will have to open your Outlook Express and select Tools.

  • 2

    From the drop down menu select Accounts.

  • 3

    A new window will open on your screen with different tabs; click on the Mail tab and select Add New.

  • 4

    A Display Name field will be viewed by you, in which you have to type your name.

  • 5

    After typing, click the Next button

  • 6

    Next page will ask you to type in your Email address. Besides that, you will also have to type in the information stated below:

    - In My Incoming mail server section type: Select POP3 from the drop down menu.
    - In Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server section type: Type pop.mail.yahoo.com
    - In Outgoing mail (SMTP) server section type: Type smtp.mail.yahoo.com

  • 7

    Then type your account name, password and do not forget to check Remember password checkbox. Now click Finish.

  • 8

    Again below the Mail tab select pop.mail.yahoo.com and then click Properties and then Server tab.

  • 9

    A page will open in which you will have to check My server requires authentication checkbox.

  • 10

    After selecting the Advance tab type in the information given below:

    - Outgoing mail (SMTP) field type:  465
    - Check box This server requires a secure connection (SSL) has to be checked.
    - In Incoming mail (POP3) field type 995.

  • 11

    Then click OK and close Outlook Express

  • 12

    Reopen your Outlook Express account and click send and receive

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