Email Marketing Complaint

Email marketing complaint is basically written by the common person or a user of a product to the concerned authority of a company that produces that product. The main purpose of this email is to draw the attention of company officials towards the bad behaviour of their sales persons.

In the opening paragraph, you should write your introduction and the reason of writing this email to the concerned officials of a company. Also include that this is your second email and no one has taken any action against the disapproving behaviour of the marketing men.

In the second paragraph, you need to mention the exact incidents that cannot be tolerated in any way whatsoever. Also include that people are getting annoyed with the nonsense of the marketing persons of the company.

In the final paragraph, you should request to the concerned authorities to take immediate action in this regard in order to avoid any sort of disturbance in future.


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    Sample of Email Marketing Complaint


    Subject: Complaint About The Marketing Team

    May 15, 2013

    Respectable Mr. Martin,

    It is kindly stated that I, Michael Brandon, am a regular user of the products that your company produces. But for the last few weeks, I observed that the marketing team of your company has been creating many problems for the people in my locality. I sent an email a few days ago but got no response. However, this time I expect to get your attention in this serious matter.

    A few people of your marketing team do not behave decently with people while introducing your new products. They start forcing people to buy the products which is something disapproving. You cannot simply force anyone to purchase anything if he or she does not want to. They also disturb by ringing the door bell again and again which is something annoying.

    Please pay attention to this serious matter and take rapid action to resolve this issue. If the situation continues in the similar manner, then the company will not only lose its customers but will also lose its repute.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Michael Brandon

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    Template of Email Marketing Complaint

    To: [Email address of the concerned authority]

    Subject: [Write subject of the email]

    [Write date]

    Respected [name of the concerned authority],

    With due respect it is stated that I, [write your name], sent an email complaining about the disapproving behaviour of your marketing employees. However, that email went unanswered. Please pay attention to this follow up email in order to avoid any disapproving situation in future.

    Your marketing team has been disturbing people in my locality for the last one month and now it has become intolerable. They disturb people and force them to listen what they say. This is not the right way to do things.

    Please resolve this issue as soon as possible otherwise you will lose your repute and people will stop using your products. I am hopeful that you will take certain measures to resolve the issue.

    Yours Sincerely,

    [Write your name]

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