Closing Company Layoff Email

There can be times when an organisation falls into losses to such a point that continuing operations hurts the company. At such a point, generally all the employees are laid off as there is no other option. Such news can be devastating although such actions are often anticipated in advance. One of the ways to communicate it to employees is through email.

Start off the letter with the bad news but make sure that it is delivered as mildly as possible. Let the employees know about the situation and the reasons behind the shutdown. The tone should be a low and you do not want to sound excited with your words.

In the next paragraph, let them know how they will be paid and when the whole thing comes to an end. Make sure that everything is crystal clear.

In the last paragraph, appreciate their services for the company and wish them luck for their future. Try to conclude the email on a positive note.


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    Sample Closing Company Layoff Email

    Dear Derek,

    We are emailing to inform you that our plant in Seattle is consistently running in to losses and the company has decided to shut it down. Unfortunately, we will not be able to retain any of our employees from the plant and the complete staff will be let go. The event makes us sad but there are no more options left.

    You can collect your dues in the next ten days from the accounts office during business hours. You will receive current pay and salary for one more month as per the agreement. If there are any issues, you can meet the manager of your department.

    We hope that you have all the success in your future. It was a pleasure to have you with us and it is sad to see you leave.


    Alfred Holmes
    HR Manager

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    Template Closing Company Layoff Email

    Dear [Name of Recipient],

    We regret to inform you that [name of company] is shutting down all its operations due to [reasons for closing operations]. We are providing this news to you with a heavy heart that your services will no longer be required.

    You can collect your last pay from the accounts office right away. Offices will close down permanently at the end of the month.

    We wish you all the best and hope that you find much success in life. You were always considered an asset by our organisation.


    [Name of Sender]

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